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Mount Ellinor

  • Tue, May 12, 2015
  • Mount Ellinor
  • Day Hiking

Trip Date: Monday May 11 2015
Depart Time: 17:00
Summit Time: 19:00
Trip End: 20:45

Ascend: 120 minutes
Descend: 92 minutes
Total trip time: 03:45:00

Trip log:

Trail conditions:
Trail is 99% clear of snow, all that is remaining are two small patches near the summit on the North-North-East slope on the main trail; these patches can be easily avoided by staying on the rocks, or taking the scramblers path to the summit --group chose scramblers path.
The section of trail ascending between Summer/Winter junction and first crest to a viewpoint (about ~500 meters) should be ascended/descended with care, especially when wet, as the rocks, tree roots, are quite slippery --just a good section to be mindful.

Leaders Reflections:
Everyone made the summit!
Participants agreed that Mount Ellinor is tougher than Mount Rose :-) Got to love those power-steps!
Chose a turnaround time of 19:30 from the summit to ensure that the group would make it to Summer/Winter junction, which at that point everyone agreed they would be comfortable descending in the dark. Sunset listed at 20:37. One participant suggested a turnaround time of 19:15, providing a little bit more of a buffer, which I agreed is always a good idea, so we started our descent at 19:15, which provided plenty of time to reach Summer/Winter junction. One participant descended at a slower rate than I would have guessed, so that added buffer helped.
Saw a mountain goat, literally on top of the summit rock!