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Mount Dickerman hike

Misty day with lots of ripe blueberries. We spotted 6 mountain goats on a nearby hillside.

  • Sun, Sep 4, 2016
  • Mount Dickerman
  • Day Hiking
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail in good condition. The route through deep forest and open meadows is a good choice for drippy day since there is minimal brush.

Our party of 5, including 2 new Mountaineers club members on their first club activity, met at the Woodinville PR and headed up highway 9 to reach Lake Stevens.  From there 92 to the Mountain Loop highway.  It rained off and on during the drive.  Along the Mountain Loop highway, we saw full campgrounds and people camping at every wide spot in the road.  Lots of blue tarps!  The river was running with muddy water covering the entire riverbed (a big change from the small trickle a few weeks ago).  The rain stopped as we reached the trail head and started hiking at about 9:30am.

The hike through the woods was pleasant, with a few stops to point out native vegetation.  The meadows were foggy and filled with ripe (and over ripe) blueberries of several varieties.  Our progress slowed significantly as this point as we sampled the berries.  We had occasional views of nearby peaks, but mostly fog.  Just below the summit we encountered a rain squall and then saw several mountain goats grazing on a nearby slope.

The summit was also foggy and cool, but no wind.  We chatted with a group  hikers from the Mazama Hiking club on the summit.  They were camping in the area and sampling various day hikes.  

The descent was uneventful except for one bee sting and we reached the trail head at about 3pm.  At last the sun was shining!