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Trip Report    

Mount Baker/Squak Glacier

Awesome day that included the following: blue skys, cloudy skies, white out, no wind, slight breeze, gusts up to 45 mph, Corn, butter, sticky mashed potatoes, zero vis whiteout, ice cups, and pine forest carpet, with a snow/water/mud road ski ending!

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Route is in good shape. You can follow the snowmobile tracks straight up the mountain instead of following the Scott Paul trail. Crevasses are just starting to open up around 8,000', but snow bridges are still sturdy. Good bootpack to the summit from the Sherman/Baker saddle

Parked 1.3 miles from the trailhead due to a large snowpatch on the road. Not currently passable by any vehicles (trust me, we tried) other than snowmobiles. Solid snow on road 0.5 miles from trailhead, trailhead still covered 3-4 feet. 

Route itself is in great condition. No major crevasses of note, did cross over one at 8k', bridges still strong. Definitely signs of recent avalanche debris on SE facing slopes. Team made the summit while I stayed behind at 9,700' due to fatigue and AMS. Car to car 14 hours on skis