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Mount Baker/Easton Glacier

June 27-28, 2015

Had one student drop out last minute, so 8 people total. Opted for two rope teams. Trail approach to high camp was straightforward, but very HOT! Camped in the trees at about 5300 feet to stay in shade and due to forecast of possible lighting (never materialized). Got up at midnight and out of camp at 1am. So warm I was in a t-shirt the entire way. Hiked up to about 7000ft and then roped up. Mostly followed tracks from earlier parties through very crevassed Easton Glacier. Luckily it was cool enough to keep snow bridges solid in the dark. Went left around significant crevasse at base of headwall at 10,000ft. Summited around 8:30am. On way down, with beta from guides and others, because it got very hot again, we traversed over to Sauk Glacier after tracing steps back to base of headwall and over to crater opening. This route was pretty straightforward decent avoiding snow bridges. More or less straight down until reached bottom flats just above foot of glacier, then traversed back to start, hopping over several smaller crevasses. About 3 hours total back to camp. Rested up an hour and then hiked out.