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Lundin Peak/West Ridge

Early season exploratory outing -- yep, too early!

  • Sat, Apr 15, 2017
  • Lundin Peak/West Ridge
  • Climbing
  • Turned Around
  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Exploratory outing on skis to see just how early is too early for Lundin's west ridge.  Yep, too early!  (See photo).  Had this snow been better consolidated, and temps been colder, we might have tried it, but with these snow features (including cornices) being  fairly fresh snow, we opted to skin on to Snoqualmie's east peak and have a great ski back down the east shoulder.  

NOTE: there is a deep moat just emerging in the snowfield immediately below the base of the start of Lundin's west ridge.  (20 feet down to the right from the climber in the photo).

Also, snow bridges in the valley over the creek are still firm, but travel will become increasingly difficult near the creek soon.

Lundin - west ridge