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Lichtenberg Mountain

2/21/16 Turned around at 5400'; trip recorded as "successful" due to sufficient snow experience for satisfying students' graduation requirement. (This was a year with warm spring and quickly melting-off snowpack). Unexpectedly epic trip. Parked at 1 mi on Smithbrook Rd (3300')(snow). Road is not drive-able due to huge deadfall at 1.5 mi. Reached hairpin and started fisherman's trail, but it disappeared immediately due to snow. I had forgotten that the fisherman's trail goes directly N for a short distance. The ford of Smith Brook was knee-deep whitewater and difficult for new students. Made critical Nav error of going straight W and crossing Lichtenwasser outlet stream; was not aware fisherman's trail does not go there. The ascent to Lichtenwasser L was primarily wet blueberry bushwhacking; very difficult for students; took 2 hrs. We ascended to 5,400' in hypothermia conditions and turned around due to time. Descended on N side of lake / creek to try to find fisherman's trail for easier descent, but snow and absence of landmarks made the trail exceedingly difficult to find; took painstaking work with GPS / map / compass. Finally found fishermans trail at 4300' elevation, which eased descent greatly. 10.5 hrs round trip.