Trip Report    

Ketron Island Circumnavigation

Luhr launch with counter-clockwise loop around Ketron and a subsequent crossing to Anderson.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Many days of poor air quality resultant of recent West coast wildfires had created unhealthy air quality for the past week. A rain storm and wind the night before effectively eliminated the air quality alert and permitted safe paddling. 

 We departed Luhr Boat launch at 10:18, paddled at an azimuth of roughly 82 degrees (True)for 2.5km and ultimately found the barge wreckage (-122.679709, 47.110338). After briefly circling, we continued up the coastline to arrive at Solo Point (-122.633502, 47.138098) at 11:45 for an hour-long lunch stop to await current direction change.  After crossing Cormorant passage at the southern tip of Ketron, we rounded the island in a counter-clockwise fashion reaching the northern end at around 13:30.  From here we headed southerly along the shoreline for roughly half the length of Ketron, then took an approximate 247 degree heading (True) to cross the channel to Cole Point(-122.675957, 47.253771) on Anderson Island. After a quick 10 minute pit stop, the group continued south across the entrance of Oro Bay, passing Lyle Point, and onward across the Nisqually Reach.  We were back at the launch beach at 1550.