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Kendall Peak

  • Sat, Oct 11, 2014
  • Kendall Peak
  • Scrambling

10/11/14: Successful trip and graduation scramble for 2 attendees.
Left TH at 7 am; approach via old PCT trail. Arrived turn-off to scramble portion at 9:30 am. Note the description in the "75 scrambles of WA" is wrong. The turn-off is after the "Z" shortly after a large stump; marked with a cairn.
Summitted at 10 am.
Temperatures dropped 20 degrees during the ascent; 20 ml/hr winds came in and fog. By the time we summitted, the North side was clouded in already. We immediately descended; drizzle started during the scramble part. Rain and hail came in as we walked back on the PCT. Winter gear (insulated jacket, multiple gloves, hats, ...) recommended.
Arrival at the parking lot at 1pm - wet but happy :-)


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