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Kaleetan Peak/South Route

Great day. 11 hours from car. 99% high clouds kept the spring snow from sluffing too much. Had it been very sunny and the high elevation sections would have been dangerous.
Most used Teva's to cross Denny Creek on the way up, a couple dared to cross on the log jam. (on the way down most risked wet boots and crossed on the logs. Snow started right after the creek crossing.
No route finding issues.
The section on the ridge 300-400 feet above the "outhouse" is still steep. We pulled out the rope for that on the way down and a few people held on to it.
Before the 5700' bump a large non-overhanging cornice blocked most of the route, but there was one perfectly placed opening that with some chopping enabled us to get through.
Beyond 5700' we dropped 250' down to the west, then up to the summit.


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