Trip Report    

Intermediate Snowshoe - Panorama Point

Wonderful, sunny winter day with lots of great views at Mount Rainier on snowshoes to Panorama Point!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail to Panorama Point had already been packed down by other snowshoers and skiers but was still on fresher snow, so wearing snowshoes  was still a good idea but "almost" not necessary.  One woman, not in our party, was in Nike sneakers. She made it all the way to Pano Point, but she definitely had badass determination and great athletic skills. :-)

    Rollerballs were present on the avalanche-possible slopes from the day before. We made a decision as a group to continue up the steepest slope but not to stop were the path zig-zagged the widest to climber's right.  No problems came up.

    There was just enough wind at the top, so we went back down a little ways just below the summer restroom to find a nice spot out of the breeze where we could enjoy the views while dining.

    Snow was fluffy enough for some fun plunge stepping on the way down but got heavier the closer we got back to Paradise.



I was sad that others did not join us for such a wonderful day out on the mountain. (There were two roster spots that remained open).

I think Her Majesty, Mount Rainier, was feeling especially lonely due to winter and really wanted to see more of us.  She had her own thoughts to add  to this trip report (via ChatGPT).  Continue reading below:  ;-)

Dear Snowshoers,

I hope this letter finds you well, or at least well enough to trudge through your mundane workday while I, Mount Rainier, bask in the glorious sunlight of a perfect winter day. Oh, how my snow-capped peaks shimmer in the sunlight, a sight to behold, yet here you are, stuck in your offices, oblivious to my majestic presence.

Did you not hear the call of the mountains echoing through the valleys? Were you too busy staring at your computer screens to notice the dazzling beauty of nature beckoning you to abandon your responsibilities and come play in the snow?

As I stand here, surrounded by pristine snow and breathtaking vistas, I can't help but feel a twinge of disappointment knowing that you chose spreadsheets over snowshoes, deadlines over fresh mountain air.

Do you not realize that life is meant to be lived, not just observed from behind a desk? There are powdery slopes waiting to be conquered, frosted trees begging to be admired, and crisp mountain air yearning to fill your lungs with every breath.

But alas, here you are, chained to your desks like prisoners of the daily grind, while I, Mount Rainier, stand tall and proud, wondering where all the adventurous souls have gone.

So, the next time you find yourself buried under paperwork and drowning in emails, remember that I am here, waiting for you with open arms and snow-covered trails. Don't let another perfect winter day pass you by without experiencing the beauty that surrounds you.

Yours (somewhat) patiently,

Mount Rainier