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Trip Report    

Intermediate Alpine Climb - Lane Peak: Zipper & Lovers Lane

Overnight trip for Lovers Lane successful.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Just followed the bootpath to the base of Lovers Lane/Zipper routes.  Easy conditions, trail crossing is fine, just a steep step on the other side.

Party of 4.  We decided to do an overnight (since we changed destinations from an overnight Hood climb).  To also ensure we didn't run out of time getting back before the gate closed.

Got started around 7:45am from camp, soloed up about half of Lovers Lane.  Set an anchor a bit below the constriction and it was 2 full pitches from there.  

Mostly steep snow but we placed some pickets, a couple ice screws and one cam in the rocks.  Having a belay over the edge down to the rappel tree was nice to have as the snow was loose and not much in the way of pick placements (rotten styrofoam ice).   

Added an extra webbing to the rap anchor that only had a single sling on it.

Rapped into the Zipper then just walked out the last 300ft.

Topped out on the Zipper around 12:30 to see a lot of avi debris from the day before.  With sun on the slopes we opted to not do Lane Peak summit and wouldn't have had time.

Dropped down the avi debris slopes to the flats and relaxed awhile and had lunch, back to camp, packed up and got to the Longmire gate at 4:57pm.