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Humpback Mountain

Solo conditioner of Humpback on a rainy day

  • Sun, Jun 10, 2018
  • Humpback Mountain
  • Day Hiking & Scrambling
  • Turned Around
  • Road rough but passable
  • IMG_8823.JPG

    Wet and slick through the forest, only one blowdown that was easy to navigate around. Dumping heavy, wet snow at the top making the rocks too slippery to continue.

Parked at upper lot, my passenger car made it ok, some potholes to navigate but not too bad. Raining the entire day. After 3/4 mile head right at the sandy opening on the trail (you'll see where the trail from the main parking crosses over the trail you're currently on), then from there, it's straight uphill. It was raining, so the trail was wet and a bit slick with the roots and rocks, but the real challenge was the rocky ridgeline leading to the summit. You have to cross 3 rock gullies on your way to the summit, and when I got to the first one it began snowing. Actually, it began dumping...heavy, wet snow. After crossing one boulder field, then entering the forest for a bit, then another, and finally the last one, I made the decision about 100 feet shy of the summit to turn around since the weather wasn't letting up and by now, there was about 2" of wet, slushy snow covering all the rocks. Timidly, I made my way down, then jaunted back through the forest (bring poles! especially if the trail is wet! otherwise you'll end up sliding down the steep trail on your butt!) and proceded to run from the entrance of the main trail down my side trail to my car through the mud and pouring rain. 

I will come back though, this is a great conditioner with a lot of elevation gain in a little amount of time.