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Hope Island

  • Sun, May 18, 2014
  • Hope Island
  • Sea Kayaking

Went here on my first student paddle and I think I'm a permanent fan of the sport. Beautiful day and nice combination of leisurely and challenging conditions. The crossing from Boston Harbor leaves from a nice little store (where we rented our kayaks for $30 day each) while the tide was ebbing lightly. Easy conditions until we had to battle some current just before crossing over to Hope Island. Nice picnic table at the park as we watched people clamming (quite successfully) and enjoyed the sun. On the way back, the flood had just begun but a strong wind picked up and we encountered waves that were just over a foot and half tall I'd estimate. Ken Olson was a fantastic leader: pleasant, informative, funny, and extremely skilled in leading the group (both in terms of interpersonal dynamics and teaching kayaking skills). A joy all around.