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Highchair Mountain & Bootjack Mountain

Aug, 16, 2014:
Closure of the Chatter Creek Trail #1580 due to the Chiwaukum Creek wildfire complex forced replacement of the scheduled Grindstone Mt scramble to Bootjack-Highchair Mts. Refinements to the prior TR, based on complete GPS track:
Locate a trail S of the parking area that runs SE, then S, then E to a junction with Blackjack Ridge Trail #1565. Continue generally S when Trail #1565 veers SE at ~6100' towards a buttress of the N ridge. Pick up a climbers' path at ~6300' on the E side of the ridge and follow it to Bootjack's summit.
The Bootjack summit block offers several short scramble pitches ranging from T2 to T4.
From Bootjack's summit, descend S through a saddle to just E of the top of Point 6640+. Traverse westward on the S side of the ridge crest to the connecting ridge's low point at 6140'. Following a bearing of 238 TN, reach The Oasis, a shallow tarn 0.15 miles beyond the Low Point. From The Oasis, routefind around a bearing of 254 up through the trees to the base of the summit block at 6750'. Continue up to the T2 Highchair summit.
There is a stream eminating from a spring at 6440' just S of the ascent route from which to refill water containers for the return to the TH.
10.3 miles, 5580' gain., 12:45 car-car.