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Hannegan Peak

  • Wed, Jul 16, 2014
  • Hannegan Peak
  • Scrambling

We started hiking at 9:35 A.M. on a very warm day. Stopped by "Hannegan camp" at 4800' to top off water. Took a long break in the shade at Hannegan Pass before we continued to the summit on a nice climbers trail. We were on snow just below the summit, but did not need the ice axes for this time of year. Reached the summit in 4.5 hrs (slow pace) after a few water breaks, a break or two to reapply the sun block, and just taking our time to just enjoy the views.

Two from the group continued to Granite Mtn. while the rest stayed and did some summit lounging. Before long the remaining group returned to Hannegan Pass by way of good old fashion boot glissading. Back at the pass they kindly waited for our return.

It took two of us 1.5 hrs (moderate pace) to summit Granite. We had a break or two on the way up. We were on climber's trail/game trail most of the way along the crest. Occasionally moving onto south facing heather slopes and zig zagged around rock outcropping and the remaining snow patches that still existed before finally reaching the summit at 3:49 P.M. After a quick 5 minute break on the summit we returned to Hannegan PK by 5:26 P.M. (taking a break or two along the way). Then we hurried down to Hannegan Pass to regroup with others.

We topped off the water at "Hannegan Camp" before finishing the hike out. We had one break on the way out to dip our heads in one of the many streams that crossed the trail reaching the cars a little before 8:00 P.M. (moderate pace out).

Overall July is a great time to go. Wait for clear skies like what we had because the views are well worth it.

My rating for condtions we faced.
Hannegan Pk (S3, T1) 3100' gain 10+ Miles
Hannegan & Granite Mt (S4, T3) 4700'+ gain 14+ miles