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Gooseberry Point to Clark Island

6 brave souls decided to participate on the paddle from Gooseberry Pt to Clark Island overnight even though rain and windy condition were predicted. The Southerly wind was predicted to calm down later on the day we launch, we were not in a hurry to leave. We were on the water around noon, crossed Haro Passage with little wind, rounded Pt Migley and arrived and Village Pt with not much effort. The wind forecast at Village Point was 10 mph and they were correct. Everybody was ready to cross Georgia Strait where the wind assumed to pick up. We were a bit scattered, but all and all the crossing were done safely. It has been raining off and on all this time, but e arrived at Clark Island and it was not raining there. We decided to take the campsites on the South side of the island, since we could put more tents there on 1 campsite. A mother seal and her junior greeted and entertained us in front of our campsite until flood took over the rock they were occupying all this time. Everybody was glad that we built our rain shelter on our cooking area, where we gathered when the rain poured in the evening. Clark has cell phone connection, therefore we could check the wind forecast for the next day which we plan to day paddle to Matia Island. I learned my lesson on not to take the forecast "literally". Although the wind forecast not to exceed 12 mph, the paddle from Matia back to Clark took us more than 2 hours. The wind must be greater than 15 mph with gust probably about 20 mph South. We were paddling against the wind in pair. We were all glad to be back on the East side of Clark where it was protected. The wind kept howling all through the night, but predicted to calm down in the morning. This time I was really hoping the forecast was correct. By the time we were ready to launch from Clark, the wind has died down and we did not have any problem crossing Georgia Strait to Lummi Island. The rest of the trip was a piece of cake. We landed at Gooseberry Pt at noon and the last cars were ready to roll by 2:00 PM. Overall it was a fun trip. Lots of learning.


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