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Glacier Climb - Mount Baker/Easton Glacier

Only about 1/2 mile of snow on the road, should melt quickly to trailhead. Lots of snow after great winter. Snow bridges are pretty thin at stream crossing. Most crevasses covered by snow, nice wide path all the way to the summit.

  • Road impassable/closed
  • Snow is still covering the last 1/2 mile of the road and should melt out soon. The entire route from the car to the summit is snow. The snow bridges at the lower creek crossings are melting out and getting thin so careful evaluation and alternative routes are necessary. Complete snow coverage in the moraine and the Railroad Grade. We transitioned onto the grade ~ 5,000 feet and at times it is a steepish knife edge. Lots of great snow campsites 6,400-6,800 but no running water to filter except in the moraine. If camping on or above the grade melting snow s required. We started out at 1 AM with very firm snow and a wide obvious path up to Sherman Crater with no crevasses on the path and only larger one and seracs visibly at all. Still tens of feet of snow on the glacier and they are all well covered up. Near the crater and on the Roman Wall there was a hard crust of snow several inches deep perfect for crampons, but too hard to put a ice ax spike though without two hand and considerable effort. Our team moved quickly and made it to the summit in just under five hours and we were treated to clear skies and incredible views.