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Trip Report    

Glacier Climb - Mount Baker/Coleman Glacier

Rainy on Friday. Sunny on Saturday. Cold and windy.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Route was in great shape. 

We arrived at the trailhead at 10 am, and were on the trail at 10:30. The hike in was uneventful, other than it was rainy. We all looked forward to getting tents pitched and out of the bad weather. We camped at Black Buttes, started out at 2 a.m. (Leaders, make sure if you have a few jackrabbits that they observe the climbers trail that heads off to the right, and wait there for the rest of the group.)

We pitched tents, melted snow, awoke at 1 am, and were out of campat 2:10 a.m.

Some crevasse navigation, but it was all straightforward. We summitted at 6:45, and were back to camp at 9:45. It was cold, clear and windy at top. Hot and muggy at bottom. 

We napped, melted snow, and left camp at about noon or so, and hit the cars at 3.