Trip Report    

Glacier Climb - Dome Peak/Dome Glacier

exceptional conditions

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

quick and dirty route info: drive suiattle river road(family car friendly) to downey creek campground.  walk downey creek trail to bachelor creek, hike bachelor creek trail to ~4100 and instead of crossing river, crash brush 30 minutes eastward heading for the closest big trees. parallel the creek up to ~4450 and find easy crossing of bachelor creek.  head south uphill and find trail.  head ne and make sure to stay on trail through the marshy areas and then through the large avy swath(easy to loose).  once in the upper bachelor creek valley ~5400', travel is easy and obvious all the way to numerous camps at or near cub lake or up on itswoot ridge(2 primo camps sites). from itswoot ridge, traverse e to gain the dome glacier at ~7600', walk glacier aiming for the ~8600 saddle just north of summit block(nice camp for 1 party), head sse up snow to summit ridge.  place .5 and .75 bd cams for anchor in rock.  for easiest travel, stay on ridge and step around bulge(not obvious), place #1 cam before stepping up to sidewalk that goes to summit (existing slings around block near summit is nice anchor). our 50m rope was more than enough.

exceptional conditions.  because the road is now open and it was 4th of july weekend, there were way more people there than i had seen on my previous four trips to the area combined.  tons of snow at cub lake, so we camped a few hundred above it to the west.  downey creek trail was a little less civilized than in 2015, but bachelor creek trail was more civilized than previously.  instead of crossing bachelor creek at 4100', we crashed brush(nothing terrible) for a half hour and then walked the pleasant terrain under the big trees on the north side of bachelor to one of the numerous easy crossing opportunities at ~4450'.  a pleasant surprise was that almost all the big down logs that obstructed travel in the avy swatch at ~5200' were now gone :>)  summit block had more snow than my previous time, but was not an issue.  did a fun side trip up bella aka pt6731 for our bonus peak.
exceptional group, great weather, pleasant camp, fun peak, nice workout, great views.  what more could you ask?

insects: although nothing significant would have been heard, so glad the place wasn't bugged :>)

water: never need to carry much and we found water nearly everywhere.

day one mi ' gain
10:08 car to camp (2:54 car to bachelor/downey creek junction, 1:57 bachelor/downey creek junction to brush on north side of bachelor creek, 0:25 actual time in brush, 0:31 brush to log across bachelor creek, 3:40 log across bachelor creek to camp )
day two mi ' gain
 7:13 camp to summit (1:07 getting 8 people to the summit block while waiting for another party to finish)
 1:03 summit stay
 4:07summit to camp
12:23 day two total

day three mi ' gain
 7:35 camp to car (2:34 camp to log across bachelor creek, 0:38 from log to brush on north side of bachelor creek, 0:13 actual time in brush, 1:58 from brush to bachelor/downey creek junction, 2:37 bachelor/downey creek junction to car  )

total 35.00mi 10351' gain

equipment: ice axe, crampons, 50m rope, 30m rope, 2 pickets, .5, .75, #1 cams
equipment brought, but not used: shovel, ice screw

dome 7-1 - 7-3-2017 route-close-up-bachelor.JPG

dome 7-1 - 7-3-2017 route - close-up-dome.JPG

dome 7-1 - 7-3-2017 route.JPG