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Freshwater Bay

  • Wed, May 4, 2016
  • Freshwater Bay
  • Sea Kayaking

Six of us launched from the Freshwater Bay County Park boat launch at around 10:45 AM. It was a beautiful sunny morning with only a light breeze. I could see the white foam of breaking waves at Angeles Point. We followed the Freshwater Bay shoreline East. Along the way most of us surfed a few 1.5’-2' waves that were rolling in with a nice long period of ten or more seconds. Very Nice! At Angeles Point we found the swell was significantly greater, the large ones 3-3.5'. There were 10-15 surfers in the water and Wow, they were getting nice rides. The waves were big and dynamic enough that we paddled right by the Elwha River outfall without even seeing it. We stayed outside of the break, paddled around to the East side of the delta, and found smaller swell and more manageable conditions for landing. There was fast flooding water near the shoreline, which was odd as the current and tide predictions indicated the ebb would continue until mid afternoon. We later concluded that this current was generated by the angle of the breaking waves. After lunch and a nice walk up and down the beach we launched and headed back to the boat launch. A nice afternoon breeze helped us home.