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Eunice Lake & Tolmie Peak Lookout (Mount Rainier)

The road up to Mowich Lake is a typical dirt road with washboard sections and open patch of deep pot holes on the way up and the way down has several areas of deep pot holes on that side of the road. The trail up to Eunice Lake and including the fire lookout is in great shape. The wildflower are in retreat as the season progress. Mainly beargrass, old man whiskers, indian paint brush and a purple flower to which I forgot the name. We were fortunate to get a guided tour of the inside of the fire lookout by the ranger on duty. It was nice to play with the equipment inside. Beautiful views of green lake, mowich lake, fremont peak fire lookout, gobblers know, mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens. The fire smoke had the sky hazy and obstructed some of the views. Mt. Stewart was poking out of the haze.