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Eldorado Peak/Inspiration Glacier

May 30-31, 2015 We left the trailhead a little after 5:30 AM and kept a moderate pace up the climbers path. The trail was snow covered starting at tree line. We stopped to filter water at the top of the boulder field and again at Roush creek. From the ridge between Eldorado creek and Roush creek we scrambled down the wrong gully (down ridge from the two boulders at 6200 ft). It wasn't too hard but we found the easier gully (up ridge from the two boulders) on the way back. We arrived at the Inspiration Glacier in mid afternoon and decided to stash our overnight gear and climb the peak right away in blue bird weather. The snow was soft enough for us to climb without crampons. There is a large crevasse about half way up the ridge which we passed on the left. After descending down to our cached gear we setup camp and retired well before dark. We slept in the next morning and descended the Eldorado Glacier using crampons on the frozen crust. We meet a solo skier (Lowell Skoog) skinning up the Eldorado glacier who summited and caught up to us again at the trailhead.