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Eldorado Peak/Inspiration Glacier

2 day trip July 7-8. Warm blue sky days. Left TH at 11:45 a.m. and sweated up to the 1st boulder field. A couple of us stashed hiking poles there, but later wished we hadn't because they would have been useful on the trail above the second boulder field and varmints gnawed off my salty pole straps. Snow patches started where the route crosses the stream at the waterfall. The upper basin is all snow and the ridge still has snow for camping, but the NPS requires bear canisters for both. The gully off the ridge is snow free and easy to negotiate. We camped at the large flat section of the Eldorado Glacier and enjoyed stellar alpine sunset views. Day 2 we rose at 4 a.m., started walking around 5, and reached the summit about 7. The summit ridge is in nice shape. Placed one picket but really didn't need it. The views were excellent. It was a strenuous but very rewarding trip.