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Dickerman Mountain

  • Mon, May 9, 2016
  • Mount Dickerman
  • Day Hiking

Dickerman Mountain scramble 5/7/2016
We had a beautiful day for our scramble, the forecasted high for Verlot was 76 and about 60 for the summit. The summit was super clear with views in every direction, amazing. On the trail we encountered snow at about 4200 ft, and lost sight of the summer trail by about 4600. There were a couple of tricky scrambley parts, climbing up a muddy slope using some vegi belays, and a steeper spot transitioning from snow to rock and back to snow was pretty dicey. But over all the snow climb was pretty non-technical, I would rate it at even less than the official T3 that it is listed as. The snow was a little slushy on the surface, but acceptable for kicking steps. It was even more slushy on the way down and very few opportunities for glissading. We made the summit in about 3 hours, spent about an hour up there and then a little less then 3 coming down.