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Devils Peak/South Ridge

We attempted this climb 3/26/16. Avy danger was listed as moderate despite the sunny day forecast. Upon reaching the upper basin all slopes were showing active wet snow and slab avy activity. We turned back at the lake.
From Deer creek road we were able to park at the old logging road branch. The old road has some blow down and brush but was better than when i did it 3 years ago. We hit snow deep enough to require snowshoes at the first switch back. At the 2nd switch back there was no obvious trail but we went up left of a cliffy gully for about 200' and then gradually back right to follow the creek up the drainage. Periodically we saw fresh pink flagging for the route but it was not needed for navigation and did not note any sort of maintained trail that we could discern.

The brush was non-existent due to the snow pack but it was easy to see how this could be a desperate brush bash if the snow cover was removed.

  • Red Marker
    48.094211, -121.550121
    48.0942113755 -121.550120831
  • Red Marker
    48.120276, -121.561489
    48.1202760324 -121.561489105

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