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Trip Report    

Denny Mountain

  • Sun, May 11, 2014
  • Denny Mountain
  • Scrambling

Successful summit of Denny Mountain for all participants. With some instruction, navigation, active participation in decision making, and ice ax arrest practice, duration of trip was approximately 7.5 hours.

Some new, heavy, wet snow above 4600ft ranging from trace to 3-4 inches. New snow not bonded well to previous layer which produced somewhat slippery surface when using snowshoes. Pinwheeling was present when triggered by participants. Participants used the following skills: walking in balance, self-belay, kick-stepping, plunge-stepping, switching hands on ice ax at corners of zig-zag route up hill, snowshoe travel, rest-stepping, pressure breathing, glissading, ice ax arresting in various permutations as specified by participants for practice, navigation with map and compass and GPS, traversing slopes with and without snowshoes, ascent and descent of slope in slight excess of 45degrees.