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Day Hike - White River Trail

Seven blowdowns across the trail could all be either stepped over or walked around. New footbridges have eliminated formerly muddy stretches of the trail.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail maintenance work in recent years has improved this trail.  But seven blowdowns across the trail on October  20, 2017 need to be cleared.  An unmarked trail junction at the three mile point caused people to go the wrong way on two of my hikes.  Some other trail markers have disappeared, making route finding more difficult for first time hikers on this trail.

The parking area outside the gate has been expanded and gravelled, making weekend hikes on this trail more attractive.  But hikes originating from this trailhead do not allow access to the nice restrooms by the main parking lot.  So I still prefer to do this hike on a weekday, when access to the restrooms, as well as the dam overlook, are available.