Trip Report    

Day Hike - West Tiger Mountain No. 3

A fun round-trip spring hike up West Tiger 3.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail was snow-free all the way.    A cloudy but dry morning.   Mud in one or two patches, but otherwise trail was in great condition.    A bit slippery on the downhill but that's to be expected in any conditions on West Tiger 3.    No other hazards.

Most of the group had arrived at the High Point Trailhead by the posted trip meeting time of 7:30 am.   The new paved parking lot at the trailhead is a gem, if you arrive early enough to get a spot.   At 7:30 am parking was not an issue for the group.   (Though it would have been an issue by 8am or so.)     After intros and getting organized, we departed for the hike around 7:50 am.   (We ended up having only one no-show, so set out as a party of 9.)    The weather was cloudy, dry, and relatively warm given recent track record - probably in the upper 40s/low 50s.    The group was experienced to begin with and followed directions well (e.g. religiously stopping at every intersection) - a fun time appeared to be had by all!   

A bit foggy at the summit, but not too cold.   We spent about 20 mins up top and paused for a snack, group photo, & tightening boots.   

Total 6.6 mi RT, 2000' gain, 3h 30 min TH to TH, 2 mi/hr average moving pace on the uphill.