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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Tiger Mountain Lowlands

A rainy winter hike in the woods.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trails are flooded in many areas due to the heavy rain. There were areas in which there was no avoiding the water and we had to almost completely submerge our boots to cross the trail (sorry for no photos, I never took my phone out due to the rain).

Driving and parking were of no issue for this hike. The parking lot was half full when we arrived and when we left. We did need a discover pass for this hike. Our route was a loop that encompassed the majority of the Tiger Mountain Lowlands.

It was a very rainy hike. The entire group was prepared with rain gear which helped though given the amount of standing water on the trails water proof boots ended up being very important. Some of our group had partially wet feet by the end of the hike due to one section where we either cross and potentially get wet or have quite the detour. We clearly took the first option.

Other than that, both the lakes looked nice and we had the trails nearly to ourselves. It was a fun start to the day.