Trip Report    

Day Hike - Third Burroughs Mountain

We had a great hike, but be warned the gate is understaffed and can close at anytime.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail is in great condition.

We had an overcast day with partial views. The flowers were good and there were  marmots, chipmunks and goats.

Getting into the park was the biggest problem. I offered a carpool meet spot, but don't enforce carpooling as Covid is still with us and some may have a good reason to be extra careful. This led to trouble.  Only one gate was staffed. The first cars in the park didn't have trouble, but by 7:15 am there was a long line to get in the Sunrise gate. So we arrived a few minutes after 8 instead of 8 sharp. I lost cell service half way up the road. Two hikers couldn't find us and hiked solo. Another got to the gate at 7:20 and waited in line, then park staff shifted cars to the other lane and closed the entrance without explanation. I was wondering why the parking lot was so empty, that must be why. The parking lot for Summerland was full as we drove by.