Trip Report    

Day Hike - Skyscraper Mountain

A fun adventure in our gorgeous and favorite park!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Arrived at the Sunrise Visitor Center a few minutes before 8 a.m., lots of cars but still room for more. I had anticipated many more since it was the start of a holiday weekend, and no line at the entrance. The Sourdough and Wonderland trails were in excellent condition.

It was chilly upon our arrival, but once on the trail we warmed up quickly. The sky was pretty socked in; however, we could see most surrounding peaks and the lower glaciers of Rainier. Our first stop along the Sourdough was a trek to the true summit of Mt. Fremont. The clouds were high and allowed adequate visibility which made our path easy, but we did get spat on a little.


We then continued on the Wonderland trail to Skyscraper and enjoyed watching some playful marmots along the way. Most flowers are gone except for a few gentians. We were also visited by a few not so hungry looking chipmunks! The views along the way to Skyscraper Mountain were wonderful, and Rainier made us very happy when it showed more of itself while we were there.





And now the rest of the story. We spotted a mountain goat way off in the distance from somewhere along the Wonderland. It wasn't a really satisfying moment though, so I frequently asked out loud, where are all you goats?  Or, where are you Mr. Goat? Finally, not far from the Visitor Center, there he was in his big magnificent self only a few yards slightly downhill from the trail, busily eating and resting! Well worth waiting for and hard to say "see you later Mr. Goat!"