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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Skyline Divide

Socked in with few views. Trail section near the trailhead we very slippery. Turned around early.

  • Road rough but passable
  • Trail shows use by LOTS of people.  The first .5-1 mile is very slippery when wet with roots and recent trail work that has left slick clay.  At 3.5 miles (stay right) the official trail ends and the trail turns into an easy and interesting user/scramble trail.

It had rained recently and we were in clouds for most of the day with few views more than a couple of 100 yeads.  Trail shows heavy use.  Suggest starting very early on weekends or go on a weekday.  Our close in views were very pretty.  Flowers are maybe a week away.  No bugs going in, but we had a little sun come out on the way out which quickly brought the bugs out.  Wow 3 outs.  We turned around at about 6,300 ft. and 4.25 miles down the trail as we were socked in.  The knoll that Craig Romano recommends as a turn-around is about .25 miles farther.  Stats for our trip were: 6 hours, 8.5 miles  and 2,690 ft.  I'll have to try again next year to hopefully see the spectacular views.