Trip Report    

Day Hike - Rock Candy Mountain

We began from the gravel parking lot, summited Rock Candy Mountain, and rather than coming right back down and doing an out-and-back hike, we took the Army Road to the Army Road Tie Trail to the Rock Candy Mountain Trail to loop back to the parking lot.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail is rocky and aptly named (Rock Candy Mountain).  We had to cross one downed tree across the trail.  There is mud in several places along the trail.  The views from 3 or 4 places were spectacular on the clear spring day.  Be aware the this trail is open to motorized vehicles from May 1 to December 1 - which is why I chose today, April 30, for the hike.  

Saw many spring wildflowers in bloom.  Elevation gain of about 1850 and a distance of 9.4 miles for the route described above.  There are a variety of options for hikes in this area - be sure to have a plan and a good map as its easy to get turned around at Capitol Forest.