Trip Report    

Day Hike - Rattlesnake Ledge

Rewarded with a beautiful warm day! Was it because we were all so well prepared? Or was it because Sunshine Ned was hiking with our group?

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We arrived at the North parking lot at 9:30 and found plenty of parking on this Wednesday CHS hike. This was my first time up Rattlesnake Ledge for this season and we all found the trail in great shape. A nice surprise as it has been quite wet for the last several weeks. The trail is wearing well and we found no downed trees. A few small patches of snow were found at the Third Ledge.


This was a Tacoma Branch CHS hike for April and a new trail for several folks in our group. Some haven't hiked here since the WTA improvements and were eager to experience the difference.

The forecast kept getting better as the week progressed and we were all delighted to find a day with sunshine, no wind and no precipitation. We had beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges and several of the lakes below.

We took a few clothing adjustment breaks as folks were ready for cooler weather. Arriving at the Rattlesnake Ledge, we took time to enjoy the views with just a few other folks. Everyone was feeling good so we made a group decision to venture onward to the next two ledges. At the Third Ledge, we found full sunshine and no other hikers. A nice long lunch break was enjoyed by all as we took in all the views and got to know each other more. Folks were reluctant to leave but were ready to enjoy the downhill journey.



As we traveled down, we encountered many hikers in large and small groups. The trail was quite busy for a weekday and we realized that Spring Break is still going on for some schools.  It was wonderful to see so many folks out.


A successful trip and another hike complete for our CHS students!!