Trip Report    

Day Hike - Noble Knob via Deep Creek

We squeaked in this excellent hike before the rain with no wind, perfect temps, and no one else on the trail. A very enjoyable day with a fun group on this seldom used trail!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail is in okay shape, but continuing to erode. The 2017 fire is evident not far into the hike and progressed as we ascended. Mountain bikers have used it and left deep ruts in many places. The stretch of trail in the heavily burned area is mostly easy to follow, but it will likely continue to deteriorate as time passes. The Deep Creek trail is obviously not used much by hikers and maintenance would take years. In the meantime, it is doable safely as long as the wind is not blowing strong. The countless dead trees have a beauty of their own, but they are a hazard in windy conditions.

    The 1.5 mile trail to Noble Knob from the junction is in fine shape, no problems or obstacles.

    Along the Deep Creek trail:






Lots of fireweed in the burn zone and several other wildflowers were spotted. The Corral Pass road off 410 is in good shape to the Deep Creek trailhead, any sedan can make it. The gate was closed to Corral Pass, but no indication of why. GPS indicated 13 miles round trip with 4,282' el. gain. Our trail time with a leisurely summit lunch and other short breaks was 8 hours/20 minutes.