Trip Report    

Day Hike - Mount Washington (Snoqualmie)

Excellent day hike with filtered sun, nice packed snow trail half way up, and almost spring-like temperatures at the top!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The Mt. Washington trail is not signed, but watch for the obvious boot path on the left after you walk the gravel road/path.  Someone had built a small cairn that marked the spot when we returned.  The trail is rocky, but easy to negotiate.  The stream was easy, no wet feet.  A huge boulder has fallen onto the trail but easily walked around.  Solid snow about half-way up, well packed.  We used micro-spikes for extra secure footing, but it can be done without them. 

Get there early!  We arrived at 7:30 with only a handful of cars, but the lot was packed upon our return at about 1:15.  Lots of people hiking up as we descended, appears to be a dog friendly hike too.  Very windy and very cold at the parking lot, got warmer and less windy as we went higher, and it was spring at the summit!  Smoke from the CA fires made the sunlight somewhat yellow, and I could smell the smoke.  Still windy and cold when we got back to the cars.  Overall, a very nice day to hike up Mt. Washington.