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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Mount Rose

Excellent day for a Rose adventure.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail is in great shape overall. We took the left (shorter/steeper) trail up from Horse Camp and began to encounter a lot of snow around 3500', which created a fun route finding challenge. I followed prints in the snow at first, then realized we were too far right. There were occasional tree ribbons, but not enough. Thanks to Gaia gps we determined we could traverse left a ways, and wound up hitting the trail spot on. The snow was fairly soft, but we used microspikes for more security. Tree wells are a hazard and there was the occasional leg punch through. When we reached the burned over area, the trail was almost completely snow-free; probably due to its southern aspect.

    A couple of people were headed up in front of us, but we had the summit all to ourselves and did not see them again. Our descent was easier because I found the beaten track that we had missed on the way up. We couldn't figure out where we had gone off track, but it was very easy to do in those conditions. I decided not to do the loop down due to the potential for more route finding problems on the other side.

We spent close to an hour on the summit with peaks at Lake Cushman and mountains across the way, but the top was mostly in cloud. A little sun on the way down. A very fun trip, the unexpected large amount of snow made our hike more challenging, and it felt somewhat like a scramble at times.  Three hours up, close to an hour on the summit, two hours down.