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Day Hike - Mount Ellinor

One of the wetter hikes I've been on...

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The section of the summer trail above the sign for said trail was a waterslide on this very rainy day.  We were literally scrambling up the rocks with water coming down them all around us and had to walk through the water on multiple occasions.  Trail is in remarkably good shape given its steepness, with lots of steps made from logs and rocks.  The waterslide section is a bit scrambly in places but does not last very long.  It turns back into a recognizable trail about 0.5 mi from the summit, crosses a scree field in a westerly direction and reaches the northwest-trending ridge that it then follows to the summit

Definitely one of my wetter hikes...six of us braved the dismal forecast, including one person who had just moved here from Mississippi and this was her first Mountaineers outing.  We had another person who was also on their first trip.  Too bad the weather wasn't better. All we saw were clouds, trees and the water splashing down the rocks we had to climb up.  We started from the lower trailhead, the trail following a northwest-trending ridge through forest.  At the junction with the upper trailhead cut-off the trail moves slightly to the northeast and off of the ridgeline.  About 0.3-0.4 mi past the junction with the upper TH cutoff there is a sign that says "Summer Trail" and points straight.  A creek is to the right.  From this point on until just below the summit the trail was a rocky waterslide.   Not kidding, the water was pouring down the trail in many places and we had to hop and climb up rocks and cross the water multiple times. The route is pretty easy to follow and so long as you move safely and slowly it's do-able.  About 0.3 below the summit the trail leaves the waterslide and traverses westerly to rejoin the ridgeline that runs northwesterly.  We were just short of the summit but as soon as we hit the ridgeline we were met with winds in the 30-40 mph range and sideways rain.  The remaining trail is all exposed to the west so we decided to turn around at this point.  After carefully picking our way down the waterslide we re-entered the forest, from which point on it was a quick and easy descent.  Thanks to the folks who persevered despite the weather!