Trip Report    

Day Hike - Mount Ellinor

Mount Ellinor conditioner to [snow] scramble.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Snow level is midway between summer-winter junction and rock garden, ~1,400 meters / ~4,600 feet. South slope is starting to melt out. Depending on weather, ~2 more weeks and the trail might just be clear of snow. The summit is mostly melted out.


    • Section of trail between summer-winter junction and 2nd viewpoint (where it levels off  for a short distance), requires extra care since this is a steep rocky area, slippery when wet.
    • Punch through abound.
    • Rock moats in rock garden area.
    • Habituated goats that can get a bit too close. Forest Service recommends throwing rocks at them.

Trip Metrics

Start Time: 17:15 | End Time: 20:45 | Total Time: 150 minutes

Since all participants are current Basic Climbing students, we went up the summer couloir to make it more of a challenge. Though the South slope would be an easier ascent, it's much less of a challenge.  

Pictures (provides more description):