Trip Report    

Day Hike - Miller Peak

Beautiful, cold, mostly sunny day on this Teanaway Peak!

  • Road rough but passable
  • Trail was in good shape, apparently used frequently by motorbikes most likely in summer. Parts of the trail contained the frozen tire tracks of a recent biker, and many stretches were rutted by the wheels. It didn't cause problems though, in places made walking easier.  Five easy stream crossings, but in spring/summer the water level is likely much higher in a couple of them.  Lots of frost right from the parking lot. A light coating of snow began around 4,000' and increased as we went higher, but it was spotty and just a few inches at the most. Careful footing on summit rocks was needed due to ice here and there. The east facing side of the summit had a windblown snow buildup of almost a foot, very soft and powdery. A stiff wind with below freezing temps made it very cold on top, but we found a wind break next to some trees for a leisurely lunch.

FS 9737 to the junction of 9703 has lots of potholes, but high clearance is really not needed. FS 9703 is not bad, just a couple of rough rocky sections. One other car at the trailhead, but saw no one else the whole day. Clean privy at the t.h., no tp. A perfect autumn day to explore this trail, gave us a good taste of winter!  Up in 3 hrs, back in 2.5. A great trip with a great group!