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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Marmot Pass & Buckhorn Mountain

7 hours of cheerfulness in the Buckhorn Wilderness

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Clear trail, very well engineered with some outstanding views, water available mostly throughout, not even many rocks, about as perfect as a trail of 3800' gain can get. Easy forest service roads, partly paved to the trailhead. 

We chose to forgo Buckhorn Mountain as a low pressure system came in, obscuring any possibility of views, so we lunched at Marmot Pass in the company of a small band of goats. We made it to Marmot Pass in 3 hours - if we had done Buckhorn it would probably have added another 2 hours to the trip.  Camp Mystery would be a great one night backpacking destination , but most of us were looking at the more private and secluded sites a bit past the main camping area.   

The views to the interior of the Olympics - Mount Constance, the peaks around Royal Basin , the entire Dungeness drainage are spectacular. The swirling low pressure clouds added to the mysterious atmosphere today.