Trip Report    

Day Hike - Little Si

A fun rainy hike at Little Si with a cloudy view.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail was in overall good condition yet worn from heavy use. There was a light and steady rain all day though the rocky areas still had some grip to them.

We arrived at the overflow parking lot at around 7:45 AM. We had the only cars in the overflow parking lot and when we made our way to the main parking lot there were still spaces available. This likely has to do with the rainy conditions otherwise parking would likely have not been so easy.

The temperature was perfect, mid 50s, and the tree cover made it so jackets weren't needed for the majority of the hike despite the rain. Hiking poles were particularly helpful with some of the steep rocky parts of the trail that Little Si is known for. At the summit the rain was much more noticeable and jackets were useful to have. We were still able to find some dry spots near the summit for us to take a break. On our way back from the summit the weather started to clear a little and we were able to get some nice views from the outcroppings along the trail. Overall, it was a fun hike with good company!