Trip Report    

Day Hike - Little Ranger Peak

A summit, snow, hail, wind, sun and very little rain. We had it all.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Ranger Creek trail:  There is damage from mountain bikes cutting switchbacks. Three of the upper switchbacks had washouts at the turn that made them tricky with wet soil. Blowdown easily stepped over.

    Palisades trail between Ranger Creek and Little Ranger Peak - quite a bit of blow down, took  a little time to navigate over or around.

    Palisades trail north of Little Ranger Peak: Mostly good. But in the portion between Dalles Falls and Hwy 410: There is a rock slide on the trail at one point. People stepping around a blowdown have caused erosion.

We left two cars at Snoquera Palisades and one at Skookum Flats TH to access the Ranger Creek trail.  A Forest Service Pass is required at Skookum Flats even though there is not a privy. 

We worried a bit on the drive in as the rain didn't let up. Miraculously, the rain stopped once the hike began. It was a cool day with snow, hail, wind and then sun at last on the top of the ridge. We did have views from the ridge even though it was at best partly cloudy. We left a note with our names in the summit register at Little Ranger Peak.

This is a beautiful forest with pretty streams and waterfalls. Flowers are late this year, so we saw many that we usually see in May: Trilliums, Calypso orchids,  Wild ginger, Marsh marigolds, Wood violets and more. There are still references to the shelter at the Ranger Creek / Palisades trail junction in online trail descriptions. It must have burned in the Norse Peak fire.

Six people in front of a waterfall.