Trip Report    

Day Hike - Little Mashel Falls

Very successful debut hike for me as a volunteer hike leader. Falls were full and spectacular!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Most of the trail was in good condition.  A few locations were either muddy or steep, requiring care!  All hikers were able to get through these areas. 

Trailhead (Bud Blancher Trail) is about a quarter mile East of the four way stop in Eatonville (Center Street).  Plenty of parking-no permits.  Hike begins with a slight downhill grade on a wide gravel path for 1.5 miles crossing two bridges.  Immediately after crossing the second bridge the trail to the falls breaks off to the left into the forest.  This portion of the trail (abt 1/2 mile has a moderate elev. gain, passing the trails down to the lower and middle falls and dwindling out at the upper falls.  The upper falls is very pretty, but the least interesting of the three, so stating there, the views become better and better as you return and visit the other two falls.  Taking a right at the middle falls fork down to river, take the right hand fork about a few hundred feet down this trail to the middle falls will take you to the top of the middle falls.   We had a lunch stop at the top of the middle falls.  Then on the way out, take the fork down to the bottom of the middle falls which are spectacular!  Then hike back out to the main trail down and take a right to the lower falls.  They are mezmerizing!!  Everyone just wanted to stay and watch!!  All in all a very satisfying day!