Trip Report    

Day Hike - Kalaloch to Ruby Beach

A beach hike starting at Ruby Beach and going south for about 3 miles from there. We also visited Big Cedar and the Tree of Life on the way home.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • 8 hikers enjoyed hiking south of Ruby Beach for about 3 miles.  If you go, be sure to be aware of the tides.  We started out about 2 hours before low tide, and that was helpful as it allowed us to walk safely along the beach and get back before high tide moved in.  During high tide there is at least one area where rounding the small headland would have been dangerous or problematic.  We hoped to tide pool around the island just north of Ruby Beach, but the water remained too high for that, even at a low tide that was +.4 feet.  Stops at other beaches along 101 is fun if you have the time.  We stopped at Big Cedar and Tree of Life as well.  The bathrooms right at Kalaloch are the best in the area.