Trip Report    

Day Hike - Japanese Gulch

First time hike on a new route - mid-week, after work, urban hike. Part of the Everett "Staying Fit" series.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • From dog park we headed east then south and followed railroad track to the Boeing Perimeter Fence area.  Route seemed to be access road for the rail and was mostly gravel.  Before the rail heads up hill and east into Boeing, we crossed over the rail, around a gate, and followed the path to the end of the rail line.  The rail ends with several spurs.  To the end of the rail route, the  distance was 1.61 miles, elevation was 443 feet.

    Note:  the rail route is very straight forward - down and back.  There were many branches to the trails that would appear to be for mountain bike.  There were several bikes using the other trails, several runners, and dog walkers.  The trail follows the gully with no landscape views.

    Women in the parking lot told of another trail heading due south from the entrance of the dog park that followed the west side of the gully.  It had switchbacks and several looped trails with some landscape views.  If one goes to Gaia or AllTrails, they would see the many many different GPS routes taken within the Gulch.  Any trail is a good trail.

    As we returned to the dog park, we continued north along the rail, went under Mukilteo Blvd, and discovered a railroad crossing for Amtrak/ BNSF railway with access to the beach and a city park.  Short distance, level, and easy.  

    On the return we located the interpretive wetlands path created by an Eagle Scout project in 2009.   If one had crossed over Mukilteo Blvd, not under, the entrance to the trail would have  been easily seen.  We went backwards but still found it.  I liked the interpretive trail and beach the best.  Including the beach, the trail is 4.2 miles round trip, or so, in about two hours.


No parking permits required.  Parked in dog park with no concerns about being vehicle prowled - lots of people, dogs, and mountain bikers.  Hiked along rail road track through Gulch with historical significance and popped out on the back side of Boeing.  Hike to waterfront was cool and very different then rail hike.  Temp was warm but breeze came as sun began to set.  No bugs and lots of blackberries!  Hike had eight participants, not bad.