Trip Report    

Day Hike - Huckleberry Mountain

Not easy to reach the old lookout site. Was actually a low level scramble to get there. Solitude and extraordinary views.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Quite a few potholes on the gravel Suiattle River Road.  High clearance recommended, but not necessary.

The TH is hard to spot as the trailhead sign is surrounded by lots of bushes.  We depart at about 9:30am.20190630_081848.jpgThe trail's overgrown in many spots the first mile or so.  Some overgrown sections had nettles mixed it which was hard to avoid.  Some parts were also muddy and had running water.  Once past this, the trail was in great condition as we continued through the trees.  The many switchbacks made the elevation gain fairly easy.   At about 4 miles we reached Fred Bugner Camp where some filtered water.20190630_103924.jpgAt about 6.5 miles where we reached the knoll at 5483'.  20190630_120415.jpgThe views from the knoll were outstanding.20190630_121014.jpgLots of glacier lilies too.20190630_121800.jpgWe took a break here before continuing.  From here it's a 400' drop and 800' gain in about a mile to the old lookout site.  The trail is now very faint and we lose it often.   Below photo taken from the knoll.  We start down at about 12:30pm.Inked20190630_122313_LI.jpgFinal push to the summit after some bushwacking.  The summit and a thunder cloud.20190630_130230.jpgWe're at the summit about a hour after leaving the knoll.  Hardest part of the trip was this last mile.  Lots of views from here too.  Mt Baker behind the clouds.20190630_133948.jpgGlacier Peak
20190630_134513.jpgAfter 20 minutes or so, we start back.  By the time we're back at the knoll, the dark clouds are above us and it's raining in the distance.20190630_145636.jpgSoon we're back in the trees and we can hear thunder.   We just made it.20190630_145804.jpgThen the long hike back - 6.5 miles.  We continue to hear the rumbling of thunder almost all the way back.  20190630_161654.jpgThe last of us reach the TH at 6pm.   Happy to get those boots off!  Lucky very few mosquitoes yet. 15 miles R/T - 5600 gain.  Good day's work.