Trip Report    

Day Hike - Green Mountain: Wildcat Trail

High pressure spells sunshine, calm air and just right December temp and trail conditions.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Dry with few muddy sections.  IMG_7307.jpgIMG_7293.jpg 

Chillsome mid morning start into fairly brisk pace up that gradually dampened out towards the top and the long down hill back via the Beaver Pond section.  Most pleasant, cool, calm day in sunshine with fog shrouding the Hood Canal and Puget Sound basins though the Seattle skyline poked out above the clouds.   

A fine, "easy" hike if reasonably fit but challenging enough to extend one's stamina reach by routing back via the Beaver Pond trail to Wild Cat trailhead.

We left Wild Cat trailhead around or before 10-ish and returned to the trail head beyond 3:30 perhaps closer to 4.  Took about half hour lunch on top of Green Mountain and pestered a bit by Gray Jays alert to getting scraps unattended aka sandwich resting passively in your hand.

Best to have a trail map to reference if coming back via Beaver Pond section to assure oneself is on the right track.