Trip Report    

Day Hike - Grand Prospect, last of 8 in "Rising to Spring" mini-conditioning series

Dramatic and successful conclusion to series of 8 Wednesday morning "mini-conditioning" hikes during February-March. With increasing elevation gain, started with 3 miles & progressed to 9 miles. Good segue into Spring and beyond with some participants readying for Global Adventures, CHS or becoming a hike leader, themselves. Except for this final trip, snow-free & rain-free conditions ... the Wednesday weather-master was kind. But Grand Prospect was a grand test of our foul weather gear. Second year for this series and may do it again next year.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
    • Buckets of rain meant lots of trailwide puddles and mud
    • Even though this is a north-facing ridge and today's winds from the south, local conditions still meant considerable cold winds from the northeast (strong breeze according to beaufort)
    • Snowfall in earnest at ~2900' elevation, but slushy and not slippery
    • No view at Grand Prospect. The many times I've been there, there's never been a view. I think it's a myth 🤔
    • Going downhill, the mud was slippery. Use of hiking poles provided safety.

Happy faces all around for having endured the day's dramatic weather conditions and staying warm and mostly dry. Everything you'd want to test your mettle and foul weather gear: buckets of rain, wind, snowfall, mud.