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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Frog Mountain

The newest trail in the newest wilderness area in Washington state. Situated on a west-facing slope adorned with meadows and, on a clear day, views of Glacier, Sloan, and Kyes peaks from the summit.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail surface is nicely graded, rock-free and, except for a few sticking-up, trimmed root ends that could be toe-catchers, the surface is well manicured.

    There’s a small, hand-printed, orange sign on a tree which indicates the narrow road leading northeast from Jack Pass is the way to the trailhead. Parking area has room for 20+ vehicles. Access to the area of the former (current?) rock quarry is blocked by large boulders. Backcountry toilet about 100’ up the trail is primitive BYO-TP. Sign on the kiosk at the TH says the Forest Service is considering whether to make the parking area require a FS permit … hence, at this time, a NW Forest Service pass is not required.

This group of intrepid hikers were honored to be on the first ever Mountaineers day hike to this destination 😊  Beautiful autumn colors on the trail to Frog Mountain (360º video of trail). First part of the trail is a road-to-trail conversion as evidenced by the wide, clear area and places where culverts were removed (dips in the trail). Then, after about a mile the trail becomes more narrow, wide enough for two people to pass one another. At about 3 miles, the route begins to emerge from the forest with almost continuous openings for views to the west and north. To the west, granite topped Bear Mountain juts above its evergreen cowl. To the north, Columbia Peak and Kyes Peak are viewed when switchbacks swing westward. As elevation increases, the ruby hues of the vine maples and shrubs increase. The first eye-popping view of the steep open meadows on the southern flank of Frog Mountain happens on the final eastward switchback at about 3.2 miles (4500’ elev). The “peak” of Frog Mountain is a flattish, shrubbery clearing with 180º views to the north (360º video view)

20230922_Bear Mtn(sm).jpg
Bear Mountain, viewed to the west
20230922_SouthFlank FrogMtn(sm).jpg
South flank, Frog Mtn